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TP-Link Archer T9UH on Manjaro Linux (Arch Linux)

07 Nov 2019, 01:14pm TZ +05:30
linux, manjaro, WiFi

It was a Deepawali 2019 purchase for October. But finally arrived in November.

TP-Link Archer T9UH an Excellent low cost AC1900 Dual Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) WiFi USB 3.0 Dongle

Mine was a V2 version, which I realized later.

TP-Link Archer T9UH WiFi Dual Band USB 3.0 Dongle
Fig: TP-Link Archer T9UH WiFi Dual Band USB 3.0 Dongle
Source: TP-Link Archer T9UH

Let’s look how it faired for me! - without loosing my sleep of it.

May be it might help you in some way.


Diff and Patch : A Guide

26 Sep 2019, 08:52am TZ +05:30
linux, manjaro
tips, tools

Finding our difference between files is a common thing I used to do. For most of the time I had the trusty k3diff. Things got messy with command line and scripting the difference job. I am not sure how many times I searched for diff command linux in Google. Also, do manual patching not knowing the patch command was a handicap.

Hence after much spite, I have decided to log it down here.

Diff and Patch Concept Image


Running TL866II Plus in Manjaro Linux

13 Sep 2019, 08:21pm TZ +05:30
linux, manjaro, programmer, hardware
tips, tools, Embedded

TL866II Plus on Manjaro (Arch Linux)

The TL866II Plus is a Parallel programmer. Freqenty used in my lab for programming age old chips like AT89C51.

One might wonder what use I have for these old 8051. Well I have big box full of these ! And many of my project still run 8051. Yes!

All this time, Windows was the only way for this programmer.

Since, I am using Manjaro Linux wanted it to work there.

Lets look at how I mad this possible.


Securing Raspberry Pi

27 Sep 2018, 12:08pm TZ +05:30
linux, Raspberry Pi

Secure Raspberry Pi

Using Raspberry Pi for your IoT experiments - a given. Like the white hair on my head.
Many don’t realize the real threat it poses these days to security. There have been many reports of IoT devices being hijacked. And then used for malicious purposes. Like peeping into your drawer. Even worst looking into your code. I don’t want people to know how many cockroaches and worms lie hidden in my old code. ;-)

Well, instead of loosing your night’s sleep read this.


STM8 Precise Cycle Delay

12 Sep 2018, 08:32am TZ +05:30
STM8, hardware

This started a quest to design the perfect cycle delay for one of my favorite MCUs the STM8. In the process I learned a lot about custom pipeline and execution of in proprietary MCU such as STM8S.

STM8 board Image
Fig: STM8S Board