Manjaro Linux - Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem

Manjaro Linux - Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem

28 Nov 2019, 10:18am TZ +05:30
linux, manjaro

One and only annoying problem with pacman :

warning: dependency cycle detected:

Package Cyclic Dependencies

After long time searching I found a reliable solution.

Let’s look at how we can make it - walk in the park!.

It’s often we see this error warning: dependency cycle detected:.

This is the command line version.

Mostly while executing standard Manjaro update command:

$ sudo pacman -Syu

We also see a GUI version of this while using Package Manager.


Here are the command sequence that Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem :

$ sudo paccache -r
$ sudo pacman -Scc
$ sudo pacman -Syyu

See, Fixing Cyclic Dependency is that easy !

  1. The first command cleans up the cache. It does that for uninstalled or older version packages.

  2. The second command cleans up the complete cache index. This is dangerous command that deletes all of the cache. Sometimes its the best medicine.

  3. The third command is a system level update command. This would download the whole Manjaro distribution. Including packages that you might have additionally installed. And reinstall them. This command takes considerable bandwidth. So be aware of that.

Why does this happen again #

Though Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem is easy, one might wonder why it happens again and again.

Internet reason - Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem #

Well, Glitchy Internet ?

Yes, not always the downloads over internet are correct. Our download programs and torrent clients fix this automagically.

Even wget has -c option to continue broken download.

pacman can start updates again from the point it lost internet or error. However, it can’t repair broken package downloads.

Package selection change reason - Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem #

Manjaro Linux has no weekly or monthly release. It is install once and update regularly kind of Arch Linux distribution. However everyone else might not follow this paradigms.

Sometime packages change dependencies. They sometimes touch the very core libraries or packages. This causes the version to version conflicts.

Hence the last option or prudent option is to clean all packages. Like in the above commands.

References #

Hope that you now have an easy solution to Fix Cyclic Dependency Problem.

Here are few references: