Website Overhaul 2020

Website Overhaul 2020

31 Jan 2020, 04:40pm TZ +05:30

Finally its 2020 !

Need to dust the cob-webs.

It’s time to UPGRADE!

But things just keep adding to stack of TODOs

This site is created using the - Fastest Golang Static Site generator Hugo

Which has gone up many revisions. Currently at v0.63.2.

Also the current theme has some bugs. Partly due to heavy modifications done to it.

Hence, the move to the all new hugo-book.

  • There is another rational to using this theme. It’s a documentation focused theme. It would be ideal to have for documenting projects.
  • The old theme did support new types. But, there was just too much plumbing. And it could not reference the source project any more.
  • The hugo-book theme also provides with some good shortcodes. Combined with latest shortcodes thing is उत्कृष्ट (excellent).

Hope you would like it.