Flashing ESP8266 module ESP-01 in Manjaro (Arch Linux) and a story of Serial Port under Linux

17 Jun 2020, 06:41pm TZ +05:30
hardware, WiFi, ESP8266, Espressif, manjaro, linux, serial-port
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ESP8266 Flashing on Manjaro (Arch Linux)

Let’s look at how to use Serial-Port under Manjaro (Arch-Linux) . Our goal would be to flash a ESP8266 chip . More specifically the tiny module ESP-01 .

This may be out of time in the 2020.

I wanted to fix the serial-port issues once and for all.

Here goes my quest to simplify serial-port logging & debugging on Linux.


ESP8266 Unofficial Windows Development Environment

06 Aug 2018, 12:00am TZ +00:00
windows, hardware, WiFi, ESP8266, Espressif
Embedded, IoT

It has been long time since I worked on ESP8266 and that too native SDK from Esperssif. With the rusty know-how and lack on info online, I had a mixed start again. Hope that the experience shared here might be helpful for many users, who wish to do ESP8266 native SDK development on Windows Platform. But are afraid that most of the working tools for ESP8266 are linux friendly.

Not to worry you are in good company.