Work Time Recorder App : Release V2.0

Python Work Time Recorder Application

Release V2.0 for the App

Second release of the App.

For more background refer to Intro

This version caters to the following:

  • First Release with Minutes and Seconds
  • Clock Start Stop Capability and Reset
  • [bug] Quit button works but take some time to release
    TODO: need to Fix this in Next Revision.


Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of V2.0 release of the application

Video of Operation


Note the pyw extension for the window executable of python.


Package Dependencies


Nothing much here. Since the default python installation includes tkinter


Need to install python-tk or python3-tk for Python 2.x and Python 3.x respectively.

Ubuntu/debian :

sudo apt-get install python-tk

## Or

sudo apt-get install python3-tk

Arch / Manjaro :

sudo pacman -S python-tk

## Or

sudo pacman -S python3-tk