Orcad PCB : Allegro Units Dimensions in PCB

Orcad PCB : Allegro Units Dimensions in PCB

30 Jun 2018, 12:00am TZ +00:00
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Draft #

There is always a need to add multiple dimensions and units to dimensions while doing PCB Assembly.

The process of doing so in Orcad 17.2 is quite tricky.

Here is picture of good double dimensions: #

Good Dimensions

Its an example of double dimensions that we would detail here.

Steps: #

1. Open the PCB design in Orcad PCB Editor #

2. Select General Edit Mode : #

  • Right click any where on the blank area on screen
  • Select Application Mode
  • Select General Edit in the next sub Menu
  • Application Mode - General Edit

3. Enter Dimension Environment : #

  • In the Menu Bar click on Manufacture
  • Select Dimension Environment
  • Manufacture - Dimension Environment


Click on the Icon:

Icon for Dimension Environment

4. Set the Parameters : #

  • Right click anywhere in the blank area and select Parameters from the menu
  • Dimension Environment - Parameters

Now you can change the setting here.