First Post

First Post

21 Jan 2018, 08:49am TZ +05:30

This is the auspicious beginning of the blog, Electronics for Bharat.
Or should we say the restart of the old legacy

For more than 3 years there was a pause in the flow in the number of articles that got published in my older blog. That may be due to various reasons. (discussed later)

I am back to start again !

for my aging brain that’s always full of useless stuff and running out of storage space.

Why this new website and all #

This was due to fact that blogging in blogger became a pain. Yep you heard it right!

The amount of formatting needed was too much. May be Google might some day read through this request. Until then..

In the recent days use Markdown has become the synonym to Documentation. Thanks to Github for making it so easy to host your docs via git repository.

Me too, keeping some of my thoughts gist on-line. And, may be some as repositories - more on the walls at my office and home. Creation of my Book-Of-Gists repository

But this was not long term #

I had dawn upon the important realization.

Unless, I have some permanent way of maintaining. Hosting my stuff (code, schematics, pcb, gerbers, hair, tooth .etc.). Its always going to be this disorganized. Plus systematic, homogeneous implementation would rarely be the case from project to project.

How did all this happen # #

I had purchased the domain in 2017 and waited for inspiration to hit me without any luck. Now its all into force. Yay!!

This domain would help to identify the content, that got created by me. As well as provide a place to keep fragment of knowhow for future use. If I loose it while learning some thing new.

In process, if it becomes useful for someone else that would be a bonus.

What framework and which server - how to host :-( #

In the beginning there was only LAMP. Then came MEAN, but not for long. Lot more came in the fray and I could not get satisfied with any.

Finally came Almighty Golang and blew every thing out of water. With Golang Templates I could achieve so much in such short time. May be still not enough on its own. As a blog is not a Microservice or a Server alone.

What about something written in Golang that can render the Markdown files I have been writing so long.

hugo ~ Fasted Markdown to Website Generator #

Under the hood powered by Golang this small piece of software did a lot (wonders actually) and helped me create this website. It was so easy to get started.

And when I got stuck there was nice training from Giraffe Academy.

It was not a smooth sail yet. I started by creating my own theme since my HTML/CCS training was fresh.

Then after some fight with my editors (Notepad++, VS Code, Vim, nano), soon came back to my senses. And tried to find a decent theme that can handle what ever I throw at it.

Backburn - Prefect combination of lean, functional and pleasant #

This is a easy to use responsive theme for Hugo.

I had a quick start with this theme and customized the default setup to match my wanderings. You can see on the left the menu that has the remanence of this theme.

I still needed more and this simple setup of Hugo could not please my taste. Since I work on IoT and API plus sometimes need a way to test out my Golang services.

Google Appengine - Ultimate, Lowest-cost, Golang supporting PaaS #

All my hosting problems solved. Here is the work-flow:

Hugo: static Site  + Golang: Native API + => Google API: Deploy to Appengine

Yep thats right that how this website is.

To Check hit this link.

Its an Golang native API used by Appengine to test if the website is actually working.

It prints the auspicious welcome message, but that response 200 OK used by Appengine.

I am finally settled for all that I needed to restart.

Though it all started in Jan 2018 the full setup completed only by August 2018. Hence this article got edited a number of times but with older time-stamp.

What to Expect #

  • Bi-monthly or so - frequency of articles
    Actually not sure, so its the safe bet.
  • Project updates and documentation linked from github and other places
  • Possibly more pictures
  • ….. more more more !

Off to bright start !

Completed On: 08th August 2018 (Kamika Ekasashi)