Nordic Semiconductor Development Board Numbers

Deciphering the complicated Development board numbering scheme of Nordic Semiconductors

It has been complicated to understand the cryptic number system of Nordic Semiconductor development boards.

They don’t mention it clearly in their infocenter site also.

I decided, I had enough trouble loosing hair on this one.

Solving this mystery was imperative.

Here goes an attempt to work out a list of them :

Image Source: Nordic Semiconductors

Board NumberBoardImage
pca10028nRF51-DK Development KitnRF51-DK Development Kit
pca10040nRF52-DK Development KitnRF52-DK Development Kit
pca10040enRF52-DK with nRF52810 SupportnRF52-DK Development Kit
pca10056nRF52840-DK Development KitnRF52840-DK Development Kit
pca10090nRF9160-DK Development KitnRF9160-DK Development Kit

Hope that this would be a good future reference. Next time you see on of the those pac10xxx you know what it is.