Zephyr OS ; Insight

Zephyr OS ; Insight #

Boseji with Zephyr OS

Whats this all about #

This is special section dedicated to sharing insight
into the wondrous Zephyr OS .

by Boseji.

This is collection of various aspect of using and working with - the Zephyr OS and Zephyr SDK. ( Both may be used inter-changeably.) There were many shortcomings and aha-moments in Boseji’s journey of learning about Zephyr OS. Here we try to collect these stories, so that many can benefit.

The blog posts were not enough. As you see from the increasing length of these:

  1. 1012 lines - Zephyr OS : Understanding Application Development and a Fancier Blinky for STM32F3 Discovery Board
  2. 508 lines - Zephyr OS : Blinky Example for STM32F3DISCOVERY board with Debugging Enabled
  3. 227 lines - Zephyr OS : Getting Started on Manjaro (Arch Linux)

There is so much that each post became bigger and bigger. Hence Boseji took the decision to convert these into a separate section. Thanks the wisdom of transitioning to Hugo-book theme, this site is now capable of hosting such type of documentation also.

Wish you All the Best !

And a wonder full learning journey ahead with Zephyr OS

by Boseji